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I have a lvl 61 (probably higher by the time someone sees this) Primarina. It's my best Pokemon, and I use it in all of my battles. I haven't beaten Hapu (Poni Island Kahuna) and I'm afraid Primarina will stop obeying me before I defeat her. What do I do to make the leveling slow down, but still use her? Or is the only way to fix this is to use a different Pokemon?

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honestly I would just put it in the PC for a little while, then come back to it after ur certain it wont disobey u, also the disobey acts like a truant if u no wat I mean, the Pokemon will be useless for 1-5 turns, most likely about 2, but if its over leveled then it will be sturdy enough to survive a few free hits.

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If the Primarina was received by you from the professor, then it won't disobey you. If it was received on another save file, then my best suggestion would be to turn on the exp. all and use your second best Pokemon more often.

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To sumwun: I think you meant to turn the exp. share OFF
No, I meant turn it on so that every party member receives experience, not only the Primarina.