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I understand that there are many people asking about this but none of them seem to have gotten an actual answer.
My Misdreavous is a male, no hidden ability, 5 perfect IVs, holding a Destiny Knot. I bred this Pokemon
My Litwick is a female, no hidden ability, 4 perfect IVs, holding an Everstone. I received this Pokemon in a Wonder Trade.

The two Pokemon are both part of the amorphous egg group.
The two Pokemon have different IDs.

The daycare man says that they prefer to play with other Pokemon which means that they have a 0% chance of producing an egg.
Why will these two Pokemon not breed together?

Maybe because ghost and normal but idk
Some Pokemon that come from events can't breed. One of your Pokemon might have been from an event.
With the exception of Dusk Lycanroc and Manaphy.
Could you isolate the issue to just one of the two? Try breeding Litwick with another Pokémon, then Misdreavus with the same one. If one or the other doesn’t work, you’re one step closer to the problem. If both work, then it’s a matchup issue.
Or just breed with Ditto...
Sometimes the Pokemon don't always breed even if they are the same egg type. This has happened many times to me, and my tip is to just try breed your Litwick with another Pokemon from that egg group until they make an egg.
I think it's best to leave this as a comment unless the asker confirms this is really the reason.

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Using it with a Ditto should work. If it is not working after continuous tries go to the Game Freak office and get the Oval Charm. Hope this helps.

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You might have to evolve one or both of them in order to make them breed, I know that is the case with many other Pokemon such as riolu

Well not in the case of these pokemon so your answer can be flagged fo being incorrect

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Litwick isn't a baby pokemon.

You don't flag an answer for being incorrect though, that's what downvoting's for.