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So I was expolring a little and, you know that Wingull on the bridge with the lady on route 13 right? So I talked to the man by the place where you have to surf to get to Giant Chasm and he gave me a gram to give to the Wingull, and when I gave it to it, the lady said something about two more grams. Where are they?


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One is south of Wingull on the cliff in pokeball form.
An old man bellow the cliff to it's east has one. (this is the man you talked to)
South of the man a parasol lady has one.

You will get U-Turn from wingull upon returning them.

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Ok there are 3 grams. You apperently got the first one, now the second one on that patch of grass after you cross the bridge with the wingull and the third one is with the parsol lady , a.k.a the pink landy holding an umbrella,talk with here and ypu'll get the gram. Take it back the windgull and he'll give you a TM, don't know which one it is though. You can get the grams in any order.