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And I'm not just talking about Pokemon that are like
"omg this one has a sturdy but cant learn quick attack(or similar moves) and endeavor (or similar moves)"
no I'm talking about weak pokes that meet ALL those requirements and if someone plays Pokemon showdown against me after this question is answered you'll see why I asked


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Starly @Focus Sash

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Starly can't have sturdy.
Focus Sash? Or is that not allowed?
The question asked for sturdy...
Sorry - hadn't read the question sumwun... I'm sorry
Focus sash is fine, plus, sturdy doesn't always work, so, boom.
well togedemaeru sucks and donphan i guess hes KINDA good
Sturdy and focus sash have almost the exact same effect, but sturdy is multi-use. Why would you prefer focus sash?
I was scrolling through YouTube and found a video of a guy beating an entire team of legendaries wit his 6 lvl 17 Starlys. Use endeavour, focus Sash activates, then quick attack to kill them.
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Unfortunately for you, there are only 2 Pokemon that meet the requirements. They are Donphan (with ice shard) and Togedemaru (with fake out).
source (using the /ds command)
Also unfortunately for you, most people on Showdown! will see this coming from a kilometer away and render both of these Pokemon useless by using stealth rock.

Oh yeah, thanks for giving them ideas. You should've just let the thought on their own, and they probably wouldn't, but you just...
They PROBABLY wouldn't; they MOST LIKELY already did.
can't tell you HOW many times I've seen these in the metagames
Yeah, cool. Are those just weak ones, and are there strong ones?
Donphan and Togedemaru are the only ones. You can probably decide for yourself if they're weak or strong.
and fake out can only be used first time, always going first and flinching opponent... not what i was looking for.
In that case, your only option is Donphan.