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Just curious.

Please check to make sure you have the right answer

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Just to make sure nobody forgets, the three Pokemon we have so far are Mew, Smeargle, and Drampa.
Only three.....
As far as concerned, there are no specific Pokemon that can learn most moves. Usually there are many Pokemons which can learn many moves. Normal and dragon types may learn many moves but it cannot be stated that normal and dragon types can learn the most moves.
Marshadow, hey my pity boi, Why can't  you learn a ground type move? You can learn 17 type moves.
Apparently Jirachi can learn every type of move. Credit for this information goes to a Showdown! user named haggus711.

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/ds learnsalltypes
[mew, smeargle, jirachi, drampa]

I think this answer is more likely to be right because I looked at old tutor moves and event moves.

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@sumwun I have tried to use this command but PS! shows,
> learnsalltypes' could not be found in any of the search categories.
Your Source :P
That's the point -- this is a Java program based on /ds on Showdown. You need to actually use a Java IDE and run this program to get that result.
@sumwun Did you actually write this specifically to answer these two questions? Holy hell.
I can't just let questions get bad answers and fade into oblivion. That's why I post so often on your wall, right? Even worse is when the bad answer was given by Pokemaster.
I also added a few other features, like type coverage checkers.
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Doing my stats thang again. According to our database there are only 2 Pokemon that learn a move of every type: Mew and Drampa.

Smeargle didn't show up there because technically Sketch is the only move it actually "learns". But of course, Sketch can copy moves of all types, and those moves are there permanently so I think it counts. Personally I wouldn't include Arceus or Silvally for Judgment/Multi-Attack because then you should include Hidden Power which practically every Pokemon can learn.

If you're interested, there are 24 Pokemon that learn moves of 17 types:
Nidoqueen, Clefairy, Clefable, Persian, Mankey, Primeape, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime,
Togetic, Teddiursa, Ursaring, Lugia,
Aggron, Latias, Rayquaza, Jirachi,
Togekiss, Gallade, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf, Giratina, Arceus,

Most of them are missing a Fairy type move.

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(yes I'm giving Pokemaster another down-vote)
Pokemon DB is completely missing transfer-only moves. If it weren't, then you would have found that Jirachi can learn mud-slap and draco meteor, including it in the answer. There are probably a few more.
It's still the same two who learn a move of every type. But I've updated the 17-type-Pokemon in my answer.
Jirachi gets a dragon move (draco meteor) only from an event.