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If you have the fight a horde with Exp share on, your whole party has pokerus, the leading Pokemon has macho brace, and individual Pokemon have power items, how many EVs do you get?

For example: you want a charmander trained for Special attack. Spinda give +1 Special Attack and theyre found in hordes.
Charmander does not battle but gains evs from EXP share.

(This bit's my calculations)
1 Ev per Spinda
+4 from Power item (charmander holding, not the leadong Pokemon)
5 Evs
×5 for horde
×2 from pokerus
50 Evs
×2 from leading Pokemon with macho brace (not sure about this part)
100 Evs

Is this possible? I need espert help


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The Macho Brace doubles the EV's for only the holder. Your party Pokemon will only gain 50 EV's, while your lead Pokemon will gain 20 EV's (because it has Macho Brace).