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Please rate from 1-10 and tell me what I need to work on!

Metagross Lv.69 Ability: Clear Body Nature: Impish Item: None
Moves: Stats: Sp.Attack:135
Flash HP: 207 Sp.Defense:143
Meteor Mash Attack: 209 Speed: 115
Zen Headbutt Defense: 213
Hyper Beam

Milotic Lv.70 Ability: Marvel Scale Nature: Jolly Item: None
Moves: Stats: Sp.Attack: 146
Hydro Pump HP: 232 Sp.Defense: 189
Blizzard Attack: 104 Speed: 151
Water Pulse Defense: 135
Aqua Ring

Rapidash Lv.76 Ability: Run Away Nature: Jolly Item: None
Moves: Stats: Sp.Attack: 129
Overheat HP: 206 Sp.Defense: 149
Fire Blast Attack: 187 Speed: 192
Bounce Defense: 127
Flare Blitz

Kyurem Lv.75 Ability: Pressure Nature: Naughty Item: None
Moves: Stats: Sp.Attack: 223
Glaciate HP: 291 Sp.Defense: 138
Dragon Pulse Attack: 232 Speed: 165
Imprison Defense: 156

Arcanine Lv.100 Ability: Flash Fire Nature: Rash Item: None
Moves: Stats: Sp.Attack: 235
Agility HP: 309 Sp.Defense: 173
Crunch Attack: 257 Speed: 227
Heat Wave Defense: 183
Flare Blitz

Giratina Lv.100 (Origin Form) Ability: Levitate Nature: Lax Item: Griseous Orb
Moves: Stats: Sp.Attack: 271
Earth Power HP: 441 Sp.Defense: 184
Dragon Claw Attack: 277 Speed: 202
Fly Defense: 240
Shadow Force

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Can you please give us the natures
Ok sorry
Why did you change Porygon-Z to Giratina?

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Metagross - Why the heck did you give it Flash? Get rid of that and Hyper Beam for Hammer Arm and HP Fire to get rid of steel types. You can change Meteor Mash for Bullet Punch, for Priority.

Milotic - Get rid of Hydro Pump, Blizzard and Water Pulse for Ice Beam, Surf and Toxic for attacking and stalling.

Rapidash - You should give it Megahorn and Wild Charge instead of Overheat and Fire Blast after that you can add either Morning Sun or Hypnosis for either Healing back or to stop the foe.

Kyurem - You rather change the whole moveset to
Ice Beam, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast and Psychic.

Arcanine - Change Heat Wave to Wild Charge and you're good.

Porygon-Z - Change Thunder Wave to Psychic. That's it.

All-in-all, your team is good, only a few changes will make your team kick ass!

Thanks and I got all of these pokemon in trades except for kyurem so im not the one that taught them all those crappy moves but thanks :)
Switch that Metagross' moveset, yours is bad as well!