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I can't remember the name of these kids... If you know it, please tell me.
Here is the photo:
enter link description here


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Those are simply trainers of the "Psychic" trainer class. More specifically, from Generation 4. They don't share a name, other than "Psychic" (which is more of a title than a name), so each one will have a different name.
Also, as said in the first comment on this answer, they somewhat resemble Tate and Liza (pictured below), both of which are also Psychic type trainers.


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They look like Tate and Liza!
Liza and Tate are a lot cooler, tho
LoL, You give the picture of Tate-Lisa from RSE.
Did you not read the answer? I showed a picture of Tate and Liza because it was pointed out that the Psychic trainer class somewhat resemble them.
Oh, tank you!
I read H-Taco
I wasn't responding to you.