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To my knowledge the rules for both changed, for Sleep in 1997 and Confusion in 1999, but I can't figure out how as I don't understand Japanese. Thank a lot for any help in advance!

Edit: This Information comes from https://wiki.xn--rckteqa2e.com/wiki/ポケットモンスターカードゲーム
Based on Google translate, it seems like sleep worked exactly the same as paralysis - making Base Set Haunter a very powerful card. But I was hoping someone could confirm I understood this correctly.

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Bulbapedia has nothing about sleep ever changing in the TCG.
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[number] At the end of each other's [number] , time to activate / invalidate the effect and [number] to check the special state .

So, essentially, they had to flip a coin on their turn; if heads, they'd cure Sleep; if tails, they wouldn't. This is definitely still more unbalanced than the Sleep status now, as it allows you to possibly cure Sleep between turns.

Source: my best interpretation of This Page.

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