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I got a new copy of Pokemon White 2, and I wanted to get the other starters and trade them over to Pokemon White so I could trade them back later. The thing is, I don’t have my DS Lite with me, but I wanted to play the game. Can I trade Pokemon on a new save when there is still a save?

Thanks, justcausebruh

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With Pokemon games you need to delete your current save if you're going to do a new one. This means simply going to the main menu and clicking 'new game' does not make new data, you cannot save a file when one already exists. You can play the game, but you can't have two files. So no, you cannot make another file and then simply trade between the two or from that file to another DS.
It may benefit you to know that to delete your save data in White 2 you have to press up, select and the 'B' button at the same time on the main screen of the game (where you see the legendary).

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Also worth adding, trading is disabled until you save the game, so you can't use the 'new game' feature to trade over starters.
Fizz thank you that’s what I was looking for
Ah jeez, my bad! I forgot to explain that and it was the main part of your question. How embarassing! Sorry to disappoint, but I'm happy you got your question answered since it sounds like you were waiting on it.
Thanks, Fizz (nice username btw)
Eh, it's basically in your answer anyway. I just thought it would be helpful if it was made really explicit.