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To be honest forever I thought Keldeo was the leader and now my friend is telling me Keldeo lost to kyurem. Is this true?

I thought keldo beat kyurem, too, but i was wrong.

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Keldeo is the main character of the 15th Pokemon he movie, Kyurem Vs The Sword of Justice. He is a Pokemon that was in training to join the Swords of Justice, a group of Pokemon based on the Three Musketeers who traveled around the world protecting Pokemon. However while powerful he was rather reckless and thus challenged the legendary dragon Kyurem to battle despite not having learned how to use his sword. This battle resulted in the Swords of Justice being frozen and Keldeo fleeing in fear, with Kyurem chasing. During this he happened to run into Ash and friends, who agreed to help him free the Swords of Justice. He would later re-battle Kyurem, and while he lost, he still proved himself to be a brave fighter. At the end of the movie he finally became a true member of the Swords of Justice.

Keldo is a member of the swords of justice, but Cobalion is the leader, and he never beat kyurem.

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Actually, Keldeo is the youngest by far and the latest addition to the team. Kyurem and Keldeo battled in a Pokemon Movie named Kyurem vs Sword of justice.
Warning about Spoiler
>The Swords of Justice all made their anime debuts in Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice. Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion train their youngest member, Keldeo, but before the Colt Pokémon finishes its training, it decides to test its strength against Kyurem. The Boundary Pokémon proves to be too much for Keldeo who flees from the battle, but is actively pursued by Kyurem who wants to finish their match. Keldeo is then found by Ash and his friends who help it to end the battle with Kyurem.
-The Main plot of the movie

According to Bulbapedia, Cobalion is the presumed leader of sword of justice.