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Caught one in Moon, Ability: Own Tempo, Nature: Timid (+Speed, -Attack), called it "Evilustrator", now wondering how to use it in game.
Just about every guide I've come across has been about how to use Smeargle competitively, does anyone have any good ideas for just completing the game with the paintbrush dog?

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If you were playing an older game, then you might be able to use it as an HM slave.
I just realized. Does this count as an in-game moveset question?
Close to it. If it keeps getting bumped up I’ll close it.
I was fine with it at the time since viable strategies are relatively finite, but it seems I might have been wrong.
Yes, this was meant to cover an in-game moveset, I should have made that clearer in the question.

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The reason you cannot find any in-game strategies for Smeargle is that it is nigh unusable for storyline playthroughs. At the very least, it is one of the most bothersome Pokemon to set up properly, for any purpose. If you're just concerned with beating the game as you've indicated, you'd be ten times better off using a Pokemon like Stoutland or Bewear for a Normal-type. If you aren't yet convinced, bear in mind some of what you'd have to endure:

  • Smeargle's offensive stats are both base 20, which means it is piss weak no matter what move you put onto it. You won't even be halfway through your playthrough when you'll start noticing Smeargle lagging behind its teammates and opposition.
  • Smeargle is nearly as frail as it is weak. Its base 55 / 35 / 45 defences are reminiscent of a first-stage Pokemon -- except in this case, Smeargle will never evolve. It will be OHKO'd repeatedly, even in-game.
  • Smeargle's typing means it cannot use its STAB to hit anything for super effective damage, which condemns it even further as one of the weakest offensive Pokemon in the game.
  • Smeargle cannot access a full set of four moves until it is at level 31, as it only re-learns Sketch every ten levels. This means that what little viability it has early-on is completely stunted.
  • If you go in with a particular moveset in mind, you have to agonise over how you're going to get Smeargle to sketch each move. You'll have to utilise double battles to sketch off teammates, or research what wild Pokemon or NPCs have what you want. No guarantees you'll find anything at all.

Needless to say, using Smeargle as one of the regulars on your in-game team is highly inadvisable. However, if you're still willing to put in the work and wait until mid-game when Smeargle can actually have a full moveset, the best set ideas I have are:

  • Baton Pass support. Smeargle should know Spore, Baton Pass and whatever two set-up moves you want to be able to pass to teammates. This could help set up sweeps, though it's quite unnecessary unless you find in-game to be particularly difficult.
  • SOS chainer, if you have any use for this during your playthrough. Moves like Spore are helpful, as are moves like Skill Swap to reveal targets' abilities.
  • Utility for capturing Pokemon. Give Smeargle moves like Spore and False Swipe to make it a decent way to catch Pokemon. Soak is also an interesting option to make sure False Swipe isn't resisted. However, Smeargle is outclassed in this role, and this is by no means necessary for capturing Pokemon anyway.
  • Lock-On + OHKO move. This will guarantee a KO on a threat if Smeargle can survive a hit. It's unfortunate then, that Focus Sash is a one-use item. This likely won't be consistent given Smeargle's frailty.

In the end, I honestly suggest you don't bother at all. None of the above support sets are necessary to have, and all other sets are outclassed by literally any other Pokemon in the game.

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Thank you. In that case I'll just keep it to complete the 'dex and Pelago stuff.
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Well, maybe you can complete the game with it (although it will be a bit hard), I use it for SOS chaining. I gave it the moves Entrainment to see the Pokemon's ability, False Swipe to knock it down to 1 HP, Foresight/Oder Sleuth for ghost types/or Taunt if you are fighting a non-ghost type that has recovery/annoying status moves, and Yawn/Sleep Powder/Hypnosis for status. I give it a more defensive EV spread and level it to 100 to help it, as well as an adamant nature. (But I named mine Paffels).

Source: Experience

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Thank you, Paffels is a nice name btw
Spore is better than Sleep Powder and Yawn and Hypnosis
Better accuracy
Overall, good set
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It was tagged "sun-moon", but the asker is obviously accepting answers from other games. So I'll post good Smeargle movesets for HGSS and XY.

Ability: own tempo
- cut
- fly
- waterfall
- rock climb

For XY:
Ability: own tempo
- cut
- fly
- surf
- waterfall

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I did this in my Crystal play through, My team was Dunsparce, Smeargle, Corsola, Delibird, Yanma and Gligar
A whack ass team but I feel like Gen 2 has a lot of my favorite Pokemon that just aren't viable, (Murkrow, Aipom Stantler etc)
Anyway for an ingame Smeargle, because he was so difficult to use, I had a Machoke catch one and use Seismic Toss so that The Smeargle would sketch it. A decent first move to train Smeargle with that doesn't hinge on his Attacking stats

The Full Move set I used was:
Seismic Toss

I had to train a Machoke for Seismic toss, A Rattata for Superfang, a Parasect for spore and a Abra or recover.
You might need to Replace Machoke with Makuhita for Moon, but the others are all in Moon

In Crystal this worked surprisingly well, Spore anything, Superfang its hp to Half and then 1-2 seismic tosses will work depending on your level, I might change Recover to a different attacking move to see if Smeargle can take something out at half HP with like Hyper beam, but probably not LOL

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Why would you use a Smeargle to fight in Crystal when it does so much better as an HM slave?
Thank you, that does sound like a pretty good moveset, I might just do that. And Machop is in Moon, you can even get one early in a trade on Route 2 at the Pokemon Centre.
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My Smeargle is helpful In Pokemon White 2 for catching others
Here are its moves and it isnt for battling others and besides I'm lonely and cant battle anyone else anyway XD

Timid Nature Spd
252HP 252Spd 4 SpD
False Swipe: For catching others
Spore: Status for catching Pokemon
Soak/Recover : To hit ghost types so you can use false swipe on them cuz Normal cant hit ghost so Soak turns them into water. Recover is for Belly Drum Hp loss
Agility/Belly Drum: To make sure your not slower just in case. You can use Belly Drum and recover in one set.
Hoped I helped XD

P.S. Smeargle cant be caught in Pokemon White 2. Mine was traded from Pokemon Black and trained to lv.100
Found on Route 5 Outbreaks
Found from lv.10 I think to lv.55

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Thank you. Belly Drum and recover with Spore does sound like a great combo.
No problem im always here to help