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Or are their Pokemon the same nature?

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Just to be more precise i want for champion, gym leaders,etc. And if their natures change or not, thanks all.
I'm pretty sure they have set natures, but the game developers who set those natures picked them randomly.

For example, the Delivery Man. He delivers legendary Pokemon, mythical Pokemons and BP. Myself, I SRS (Soft Reset) For Timid Raikou And Modest Heatran.
I'm pretty sure this wasn't what he was trying to ask. Did you read the comments?

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No if your asking if all important personel have the same nature no they in fact do not and like they said in the comments the nature is set for that specific Pokemon I tested this with some advanced hacking where I gave myself infinite masterballs and make opponents Pokemon catchable lol take that pokedex!

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