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I know that politoed isn’t that good stat wise but the one I got from wonder trade has strange stats ( it’s not shiny)
Level: 70
HP: 234
SP ATK: 158
SP DEF: 154
Speed: 120
Defense: 140
Attack: 140
Are these stats weird?

Can you tell me its EVs and nature?
It might be hard to pinpoint its EVs, but we at least need to know its nature. It would also be good to know its moveset, OT name and ID number.
Ok I just wanted EVs and nature so I could do the IV calculator to see if the IVs were valid. But yeah moveset, ID # and OT is pretty good info.

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Politoad's level 70 stat ranges:
HP: 206-271
Atk: 99-192
Def: 99-192
SpA: 117-215
SpD: 130-231
Spe: 92-184

So, yeah all of its stats are good. The one you have has a spread that is very possible and it seems legit (I cannot tell exact nature, EVs, or IVs with the given info, just that is has legit stats).

I used Pokemon Showdown!'s teambuilder to find this out

But yeah, unless the OT, ID #, and moveset are shady, it should be fine.

Hope I Helped!

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