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Here's my team. I'd like constructive criticism and some item suggestions.
Note: It is on diamond and not ev trained. The natures are not included as I listed all the stats.

Crobat level 98 (male)
Item: Expert belt

Attack: 240
Defense: 189
Sp. Attack: 172
Sp. Defense: 183
Speed: 306
Ability: Inner Focus

Giga Drain
Sludge Bomb
Shadow Ball

Gallade level 98 (male of course)
Item: Leftovers
Attack: 286
Defense: 156
Sp. Attack: 168
Sp. Defense: 254
Speed: 218
Ability: Steadfast

Psycho Cut
Close Combat
Leaf Blade

Octillery level 98 (male)
Item: Quick Claw
Attack: 261
Defense: 188
Sp. Attack: 227
Sp. Defense: 172
Speed: 149
Ability: Suction Cups (I know, it stinks…)

Ice Beam

Tyranitar level 94 (male)
Item: ???
Attack: 285
Defense: 243
Sp. Attack: 212
Sp. Defense: 235
Speed: 270
Ability: Sand Stream

Stone Edge
Dragon Claw

Infernape level 97 (female)
Item: Razor Fang
Attack: 238
Defense: 169
Sp. Attack: 250
Sp. Defense: 191
Speed: 251
Ability: Blaze

Close Combat
Solar Beam (discontent with)

Ampharos level 91 (male)
Item: ???
Attack: 162
Defense: 172
Sp. Attack: 248
Sp. Defense: 204
Speed: 157
Ability: Static

Signal Beam
Power Gem
Fire Punch (yeah, it stinks, but I don't know what to replace it with, and for the time being it will kill all the shedinja I encounter…)



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Considering the higher attack stat of Crobat, you'll likely want Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain and Shadow Ball to be replaced. Taunt, X-Scissor, and Cross Poison should replace them. Taunt works well with Crobat's high speed. X-Scissor provides type coverage while Cross Poison is STAB. Since Crobat won't get very many super-effective hits with Cross Poison and such, you'll want a Life Orb for a more reliable damage increase.

Your Gallade not being EV trained is really evident. You'll want to give it Swords dance, replacing X-Scissor.

Quick Claw is banned from competitive gameplay (it is cheap) so you'll want to replace it, this time give an Expert Belt to Octillery. I'd replace Psychic with Energy Ball for better type coverage.

Give Tyranitar a Focus Sash so it can hit back and defeat all the Pokemon it is weak to.

Replace earthquake and Solarbeam on Infernape with Grass Knot and Stone Edge. Stone Edge offers better coverage since Fighting and Ground share similar coverage. I'd give yours a Choice Scarf. Really evident you've had no EV training.

For Ampharos replace Thunderbolt with Discharge and Power Gem and Fire Punch with Light Screen and Reflect. This way you've got a nice team supporter.

Some of your advice I like, other bits I will ignore.
Crobat:  I know his attack is better, but I personally like his move types.  Call me foolish, but I really like the way the types have worked together for me on Crobat.  I will replace Sludge Bomb with Cross poison (I didn't realize it's much greater liklihood to poision and get critical hits) and get a life orb, though.

I know Gallade's not ev trained.  You're hurting his feelings :P.  At any rate, I'm not very interested in stat boosting moves (You probably could tell by the movesets), but I will concider it.

Octillary: I don't know the rules of competitive gameplay nor will I compete nor do I really see why it's "cheap", but thanks for your insight on that.  I don't see why I'd replace Psychic with energy ball.  Surf covers rock an ground, and water isn't exactly the ideal type against octillary to begin with.  Psychic is stronger and is super effective against both dark and fight.

I will follow given Tyranitar item advice.  He does have tons of things super effective against him...

Infernape:  Grass Knot sounds all right to me (I mean, I have never used solar beam in all of the year  infernape has known it)although I'm not enthused about the whole weight thing.  I have some attachment to earthquake, though.  Rock moves have bad accuracy which really turns me off (I always have horrid luck with it)  Admittingly, Inernape is weak to flying and rock would cover that.  ...I'll think on it.  A very good point.

As for Ampharos,I think I'll pass up light screen and discharge.  My special defenseis strong and I have static to parlyse foes, so I feel like thunderbolt is a better choice.  Although I've read a stratigy in which light screen is used to encorage physical attack and paralayze the foe, I don't have the EVs to live it out and thus don't think light screen is really needed.

Thanks so much for your insight. =]

PS:  PB10, I forgive you for not answering.  Trachy used extreme speed and got here first.  It's understandable ;)
"Psychic is stronger and is super effective against both dark and fight."
Psychic may be a tiny bit stronger but it isn't effective at all against dark. It does 0 damage against dark.
Psychic is effective against poison and fighting.
Energy ball would give you more coverage as it is effective against rock, ground and water.
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Keep earthquake coz it will help against your rival battle and its a advantage against rock types