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I'm talking about legal services only.

(I also already know the ones who only have some seasons)

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I doubt there is any channel or service with all 20 movies and all 20+ seasons. Netflix, for example, has 3 movies and maybe like 4 seasons.

I know something named "kadet".
I thought it was originally English, but it has gone to Dutch because I speak Dutch.
Kadet had 10 movies, and they send all the movies to TV. Every day in the Vacations, or Saturday and Sunday.
But for some reason they stopped whit the movies ):.

Kadet has 4 seasons: Pokémon: Sun&Moon Pokémon: XY&Z Pokémon:X&Y and Pokémon (the first season).

-SYL SmartYoungserLorika oe just, Lorika
I'll see you next time!

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uh there is no one that crazy (except cable) ooh! no some one is that crazy amazon they have everything and everything they don't have can be found on hulu has most of the movies fandago has the first 3 or netflix which has assorted recent releases. but that will be crazy exspensive because amzon episodes are SOOO overpriced.but technically yes cable has them all amazon is second to that then hulu because it has all of the sinnoh adventure #Infernapeforlife and most movies and netflix has some recent stuff and theres an app Pokemontv but that has assorted episodes and jumps around so it kinda ruins it.

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The two answers are good and they seem to be right, but since I can only choose one as the best, I will choose this one because he has fewer points. But both did a great job and i will upvote both answers.
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Pokemon has their own free anime episode watch service: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-episodes/

It lists newest region to oldest region, so just scroll down. It also takes 2 minutes to load. :P

Hope I helped!

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