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So my Eevee is currently level 47, and her friendship is maxed out, not on the Amie for those who ask that, and its night in the game, 12 am, and she won't evolve? does being shiny have to do anything? I highly doubt it, but I don't know why she won't evolve. she has no items on her and my other eevee evolved into Espeon perfectly fine, what else could be the problem??

Weird. Shiny doesn't have to do with anything. Did you get it from a trade or something?
When was the last time you leveled it up (and to be more specific what was it's friendship when you did)?
Did you level it up at night with max friendship?
Somebody edit this, make it say something like:
"Why won't my Eevee evolve into Umbreon?"

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Here are some potential answers to your dilema:

  • Did you switch games throughout 3DS's or change your 3DS time? This locks you out of time-based events for 48 hours.

  • Did you modify your 3DS or game cartridge in any way? (ex. PKHex, Gameshark, PowerSaves, etc.)

  • Was the Eevee caught by you? If not, it may be hacked not to evolve.

That's all I've got. This is a very curious issue that I've never heard of before

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Ah, i changed the time on my game so i could evolve her, that must be the problem, thank you all so much for the help!!
You’re welcome. I’m glad your Eevee sucsessfully evolved. One time I did a similar thing trying to evolve my Weavile and I got panicked that maybe I’d gotten the Razor Claw and Razor Fang confused but I searched the internet for a solution.
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No, Eevee being shiny doesn't affect her ability to evolve.

In X and Y Eevee evolves into Umbreon between 8pm and 3:59 am, if she isn't evolving then her happiness probably isn't actually maxed out. Check what the lady in the Pokemon Fanclub at Laverre City says to determine her happiness. If Eevee is indeed at max happiness then she will say "It's amazingly friendly toward you! It must be so happy spending everyday with you!"

So if she still isn't evolving and you're 100% positive that her happiness is maxed, then my advice to you would be to check the time of your DS clock, because it may be wrong.

I did some research and learned that some, but not all people, encountered a glitch where at some point they deposited a Pokemon that evolves via happiness into Pokemon Bank, and upon withdrawing it and maxing out it's friendship, it still wouldn't evolve. If you deposited your Eevee in the bank at any time then I'm guessing this is what's happening to you. If this is the case, then based off of what I read, trading Eevee to a different game and trading her back and re-maximizing her happiness should negate the glitch.

Other than that, if you got your Eevee through trade then it is probably hacked.
I hope you figure it out, having a shiny Eevee and not being able to evolve her must be frustrating. Good luck!

Flappers, Isn't it better to post the USUM/SM Gids too?
Check the tags, this person is playing X and Y, Gen 7 games have no bearing on this question.
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You have to make sure its friendship is maxed out AND level it up while under that condition.

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try using Tamato Berries (best for friendship) to test for friendship, if the message says "so and so adores you, but its base speed fell" would show its max friendship, if it says "so and so became more friendly, but its base speed fell" then you are not at full friendship

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