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Yanmega is based on the extinct griffinflies, and Mamoswine is based on the extinct mammoths. Tangrowth doesn't seem to be based on any extinct organism, so I don't get why it evolves by knowing ancient power. Please don't question my curiosity.

If I had to guess it's because game Freak wanted them to all to evolve via the same method. They're all extra evolutions added onto existing lines introduced in the same game, its likely they wanted them to all evolve the same way, even if it didn't make sense for one of them.
Because tangrowth is based on caveman?
Yes Helix, I heard that somewhere as well. Should have added that in my answer...but I'm not going to edit it since you wrote it here.

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This is a long shot but here goes nothing. I think you meant to ask "Why does Tangela evolve by knowing Ancient Power?" I'll cover some factors to help you understand why, or at least why I think, why it evolves knowing that move. First, back in Ancient times there was a lot less civilization and more forestation. Wildlife and plants grew more frequently, with little to no harm, other than an animal eating them of course. The name "Tangela" is a play of the word "Tangle" which often results in someone falling. In most movies rather it be about a jungle or an Ancient Civilization, vines can be see around, covering ruins of a lost village or impeccably placed as a means of a getaway. Regardless of the movie, ranging from Jurassic Park, to Indiana Jones, when there's any mention of something ancient, you best believe there will be some vines. "Tangrowth" is a play on the words "tangle" and "growth" With the presence of vines more abundant during ancient times, this might explain why it evolves into Tangrowth and perhaps explains the reasoning behind the name, other than it growing in size of course.

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I tried to do some research on what Tangela and Tangrowth were based off of to provide some insight, since there is a typical pattern in Pokemon that evolve after learning Ancient Power. Turns out that in the Red and Blue demo versions Tangela was called "Meduza", which was intended to be its original name. In Greek mythology Medusa was a creature known as a gorgon. Following the aforementioned pattern (which is also the one you described) Tangela may evolve after knowing Ancient Power because of how old Greek mythology is, albeit not as old as Mamoswine or Yanmega's origins, but still old nonetheless.