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How do you evolve karrablast ...? were do you find the item shelmet??? plzz tell me :)

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Go to it's page and scroll down to the evolution section!
You guy notice that Shelmet is a pokemon?
trade with shelmet

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First of all, Shelmet is a Pokemon found in the Moor of Iccirus. To evolve Karrablast, you have to trade a Karrablast with a Shelmet. You having a Karrablast, the other person having a Shelmet. Hope this helps...

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Shellmet is a Pokemon Not an Item.

When you trade shellmet for karrablast, Karrablast will evolve in that thingy from super smash bros.
And shellmet somehow becomes into a Ninja o_o
Hope This Helped.

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yeah agree with both thingys<3