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I know that it's possible to answer the question wrong, but when you answer wrong, is there a certain number of wrong answers you can have before you fail, or do they let you continue the game even if you answered all wrong? If you are able to fail will they just make you repeat the test?

(Talking about the Dragon's Den, when you talk with the master after defeating Clair, in the games HG/SS)

[Before someone flag this saying that this question has already been asked and answered, please understand that my question is quite the opposite of this one --> "What are the correct answers for the Dragon Master in the Dragon's Den?"]

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I think its 3 wrong and your out , not 100% sure.
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It isn't possible to fail the test because if you get a question wrong the elderly would just say "Ha, I didn't quite here that, could you repeat that" Until you get the question right.

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In Pokemon Crystal, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver, when answering all of the questions in the Dragon's Den correct the player will receive a Dratini with Extreme Speed. If any of the questions are answered wrong then the player will still receive a Dratini, but with Leer instead of Extreme Speed. This is the only effect of answering the questions wrong.

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Really? When I answered all the questions and got one of them wrong I received no Dratini. I got my Dratini through surfing in the Dragon Den.
I think you get the dratini when you go back to the dragon’s den after beating the elite four and talk to the guy that asked the questions.
After answering the questions, you have to get the TM Dragon Pulse from Clair before you receive the Dratini.
In Crystal (I have played this part recently) you just have to double back upon leaving the shrine (or whatever it is) the elder is in to get Dratini. You don't need to beat the Elite Four (in Crystal, anyways).