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i encountered someone on showdown switching out from gothitelle's shadow tag. how does this happen?

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Please show replays
The way you flipped out at this dude for a legitimate game mechanic is honestly hilarious.
If this guy could hack Showdown, don’t you think he’d be doing a lot more than messing around in a low ladder Ubers match?
yeah lmao this was when i was a dumb kid

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Here are all the things I can think of:

  • Your opponent is cheating (not likely)
  • The opposing Pokémon is a ghost type
  • The opposing Pokémon used Gastro Acid or Skill Swap on you
  • Tge opposing Pokémon has Mold Breaker
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dont forget other shadow tag users
I don't think Shadow Tag is affected by Mold breaker. Marshadoe was able to switch out bcs it is a ghost type pkmn. So you are right
If you actually watched the replay, then you'd see that it was simply because the opponent was ghost type. If you didn't watch the replay, then you might have remembered to add shed shell to the answer.
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Also a Pokemon with run away and u-turn or volt switch can escape right?
Run Away can't, but U-turn, Volt Switch, Parting Shot, and Baton Pass all can (though those first three can all be blocked by Protect).