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This is my White rain dance team:
Kyogre-drizzle- @Leftovers (Drizzler/special tank(and sweeper :D):
~Modest, Often lost in thought~
-Calm mind(Bulk)
-Hydro pump(rain, STAB, high power)
-Ice beam(coverage)

Politoed-drizzle- @Leftovers(2nd Drizzler/Annoyer)
~Mild, Higly curious~
-Surf(STAB, rain)
-Mud bomb(coverage)-I'm thinking of replacing it with rain dance if te oppenent have got drought/sunny day etc.

Blastoise-rain [email protected] (Staller)
~Calm,somwhat vain~
-Aqua ring(Both rain dish, leftovers and aqua ring will be hiling blastoise)
-Water spout

Dragonite-Inner [email protected] orb (special sweeper)
~Modest,sturdy body:(~
-Dragon pulse (STAB)
-Surf(coverage, Rain dance)

Kabutops-Swift [email protected] orb(physical sweeper)
~Jolly,likes to trash about~
-Aerial ace(voverage)
-Stone edge(STAB)
-Sword dance

[email protected] scarf(special sweeper)
~Modest, Mishievous
-Flash cannon(STAB)
-Hydro pump(STAB,rain, torrent,high power)
-Ice beam
-Grass knot

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Seems like you covered the stats well. I have no changes.

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The only thing I would change would be ariel ace on kabutops,

Look at it this way.

Ariel Ace = 60 power
Waterfall = 80 + 40 (STAB) power

Waterfall - neutral - = 120 power
Ariel Ace - Super Effective - = 120

This is without rain, so after raindance its even more powerful, pointing this to be useless coverage.

I would go with Earthquake or Night Slash instead.