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Is it because one is traded with another player and the other with an in-game NPC?

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Not Sure about this but I think it depends on the generation it was originally traded in.
Pretty sure TLP is right.

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Okay, so I'm presuming you frigured this out in SM or USUM, so, uh, I got a Lugia from the Game Boy games, and it says:
>Nature: Hardy
Seems to have traveled across both space and time to reach you from the Johto region in the good old days.
Characteristic: Likes to thrash about.

So TLP was wrong.
None of my Pokemon say "Met in trade".

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He's talking about trading, not migrating. Here is the difference https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/304429/what-the-differnce-between-trading-migrating-your-pokemon. I would downvote this but I don't want to lose points...
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The good reason to down-vote this is in Shadow's comment...
Please stop telling people what they can and can't do, Nuivo. If your answer is good, then you should be able to explain how Ginny's comment is incorrect. Do that instead of getting uptight.
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Olli, I have plenty of pokemon that say both, so I'll check all my games and see if I can figure out why :P
I don't downvote this for one reason: some Pokémon are like that. Since there are different Pokémon worlds. And seems like Johto is in another Pokémon world then Alola is. DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN
I need to ask this in the discuss forum.....