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I saw in some places that if you have a hacked pokémon you can't participate in official tournaments and alike. (Obviously)
That they are able to spot any hacked pokémon and don't allow the person owning it to participate.

However if the person in the case have a official game and the "hacked" pokémon in the situation was just one he got in trade, he doesn't knew was hacked, if he get rid of that pokémon, they will allow him to participate again? Os is like forever banned?

Not that this has happened to me, I'm just curious to understand how it works.

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Assuming this is in reference to VGC: there are actually formal regulations for players who fail electronic hack checks. This full list of rules can be found here on the Pokémon Company’s website.

In relation to your question, Section 4.1 of the rules says that modification of Pokémon is ‘expressly forbidden’, and will result in consequences ‘regardess of whether the Pokémon or items belonging to the player were traded for’. However, the rules never mention lifetime bans: only disqualification and forced losses.

The rules list goes into some more detail in Section 5.4.2 and Appendix A, showing the different penalties applied for different severities of hacks. In short:

  • If you have a Pokémon that is at an impossible level or in a Pokeball it can’t possibly be in, it’s considered a minor infraction. You instantly lose the match, or your next match is considered a loss.

  • If you have a Pokémon with illegal attributes (moves, abilities, etc.) or an impossible Hidden Power type, it’s considered a major infraction and you get disqualified.

So if you get a minor infraction, you can actually keep playing if you remove the Pokémon. But if you remove so many you don’t have a valid team anymore, you obviously can’t participate. Basically, don’t enter hacked Pokémon because it won’t work in your favour.

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No they won't get banned, because they're not really cheating if they get rid of their hacked Pokemon.

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