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Name:Japanese name for Mew
OT: A Japanese player
Poke Ball
Level 30
ID No:22796
Nature: Timid
A fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time from the Johto region in the good old days.

Can u shiny hunt event mons?
Shiny mew is uh table through the Japanese Old Sea Map event.
btw that is Hoeen not Johto

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There was a limited-release event distribution for Mew in VC RBY which used the 22796 ID, which could then by traded up via Time Machine to GSC (and Poke Transporter will not allow a Mew with any other ID to pass), but that event's IV bytes were guaranteed to be F/F/F/F, rather than the x/A/A/A that produces a shiny in GSC. Any Mew whose origin mentions "the good old days" can thus never properly be shiny, and if it is then something about it has been edited on some level.

So could it be legit?
No, since he says it can't be shiny.
It CAN be shiny. They could've just used the Coin Case glitch.
Well if they used a glitch then it isn't legit, now is it?
It COULD be legit.

I COULD actually be PewDiePie. But those two statements have an equal likelyhood of being correct. In other words, if your shiny Mew is legit, Ima kill myself.