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I have decided to get out of my comfort zone and do a Nuzlocke, and since I had Platinum lying around, I decided to go with that.

Right now I'm grinding to battle Fantina; the problem is, Fantina's Mismagius has Magical Leaf and half my team is weak to Grass and very weak against special attacks. My catches aren't that better; most of my catches have counterproductive natures (Brave Luxio, Brave Togepi, Bold Cranidos, Bold Gible, Impish Budew) except one...

I remembered about Hearthome City's Eevee and I was delighted to find out it was Timid and its highest IV was Special Attack (I needed a special attacker; 5 team members are physical). The problem is... what do I evolve him into?

-Since I need a special attacker, I can't choose Flareon, Umbreon, or Leafeon (verrry tempting...)
-I already have a Prinplup and a Bibarel, so Vaporeon is out of the question.
-I've used Jolteon multiple times, but I already have a Luxio (might consider boxing) and I feel it's too frail.
-While I have a Soothe Bell, Espeon takes too much work and I don't think Psychic is a good defensive typing either.
-Glaceon comes too late for me to consider and again, Ice is a bad defensive typing.

What do you think about my nuzlocke dilemma? My party (Prinplup, Bibarel, Staravia, Luxio, Graveler, Eevee) is at least level 25 or above, although I might consider using my other catches (no deaths so far... a lot of crits though) even if their natures suck (Budew, Zubat, Pachirisu, Shellos, Buneary, Cascoon, Meditite, Togepi, Cranidos, Ponyta, Chingling, Bronzor, Gible, Machop).

Tl;dr, how do you think I should deal with Fantina? Who should I use? What do I have to be careful of? Thank you in advance. -Splatter

closed with the note: I beat Fantina! In the end, I decided to hold off the evolution and just spammed Aerial Ace with Staravia. Thanks for everyone who tried to help!
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I just read your question again and realized that you got reasons against using every possible Eevee evolution. In that case, why are you even trying to use Eevee at all?
@sumwun The Eevee was Timid and had a good Special Attack IV (I really need special attackers). I have three exams this week so for now I'm just going to close the question. Thanks for everyone who gave advice!
Then just flip a coin and use Jolteon if heads and Vaporeon if tails. You already have water Pokemon and electric Pokemon, and all the other choices are bad, so it doesn't really matter whether you use Jolteon or Vaporeon.
**I beat Fantina!** I just went with the grinding option and won by healing and spamming Aerial Ace with Staravia. Again, thanks for everyone who helped!
Lol. It took you almost a whole month to do it

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You are in quite of a predicament here, but the best solution you can go with, is Flareon. It's not weak to will-o wisp, magical leaf, ghost, or psychic moves. Plus the SpA is high enough to do good damage.

Or you could go with Drifblim if you got drifloom from valley wind works.

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Do you think Flareon is better than Staraptor?
In my opinion Staraptor is better, but I never said anything about staraptor. You were just avoiding what I had just said. In fact I even said to level his Pokemon. And what happens when you level a staravia? It becomes staraptor.

Besides asking which is better: Flareon vs Staraptor, is pretty opinionated, and if you think otherwise (which by the context of your question I assume you don't) then it doesn't matter. Everyone is capable of having there own opinion.

And my opinion is that if he wants an eeveelution to fight Fantina, his best bet would be to use Flareon, because Jolteon would not be good against her for afformentioned reasons.
Why does he need to use Flareon when he can use Staraptor?
Just in case. It's never bad to have backup
It is bad if the backup costs something. Finding a fire stone costs time, and that time is better spend raising Staraptor another 2-3 levels.
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You have a few options here, depending on which Pokémon you can invest in. You shouldn't be too far off from evolving Luxio into Luxray, and assuming you kept Bite, it should be able to more or less sweep. Bibarel is immune to Ghost type moves and could be an emergency switch or a decent lead. If you lead with someone with a grass weakness, you can switch to Staravia. For now, that Eevee might be best unevolved, I would consider waiting for a Glaceon if it lasts, and should you lose someone it can fill any gaps in your team that might emerge. Graveler might work as a lead since Duskull and a physical Haunter don't have much punch. Be smart with your switches, Bibarel, Staravia and Eevee take zero damage from ghost moves, Staravia (and Togetic/kiss) resists grass, and grind enough for it, Empoleon is neutral to grass and resists ghost and psychic. I doubt you'll have much problem with a Luxray at your side, items that boost flinching would suit nicely if possible.

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Bibarel can't learn bite, and he just said Luxio's rivalry is useless here...