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Hi guys, I'm semi-new to Pokemon so if this is a stupid question I apologize! The other day I received a shiny shaymin from a regular trade, it is level 50, its nature is timid, it has a classic ribbon, its OT is Peli11, its ID is #04019, and its from spain. It says "a fateful encounter seems to have led it across space and time to reach the Kalos region from the Sinnoh region." It doesnt have the blue pentagon at the bottom. Any help is much appreciated!! Thanks :)

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There was a Shaymin event in Spain during 2009. This Shaymin's OT and ID# completely match that of yours. However, it was a normal Shaymin distribution, not a shiny one. Chances are you made a mistake (a Pokemon is shiny if it has a red star in its markings).

So, it is legit, unless someone hacked it to be shiny.


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Whoops, I missed the fact that they said shiny. I'll hide my answer <:)
My guess would be that somebody received the Shaymin from an event and then hacked it to be shiny.
I actually didn't think of that lol. But I think you could keep your answer up.
I'll put it back up just so that the asker can see the image... Actually, on second thought I'll just put the link to the image showing the image of the event information here: https://i.imgur.com/jbBXLEc.png
Ah okay, so the shaymin itself is most likely legitimate, but someone probably hacked it to be shiny? I am completely sure its shiny btw, its blueish instead of the usual green and does have the red star. Is there no way to actually obtain a shiny shaymin legitimately? And if not is it really worth keeping this one? Thanks so much for the help guys!
Somebody said that you can soft reset for one, they give us the specific event in which it was possible but they don't sound very confident and the source leaves something to be desired: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/188131/was-it-ever-possible-to-get-a-shiny-shaymin
Ah okay, so you can only soft reset for that one event? Thats too bad :(
Hmm, I didn’t think someone would be able to hack an otherwise legitimate Pokemon to be shiny. I guess I’m the only one who mistakes normal Pokémon and shiny Pokémon. (forget that last part)