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Mario is 89kg and Mewtwo is 122kg. So why is Mario mid-weight and Mewtwo lightweight?

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I haven't played a Smash Bros game yet, but I guess it has to do with its playstyle. If you look at it, it should be agile and powerful.

Also Smash Bros is not canon to any of the franchises represented. IIRC they had to make Ridley smaller to make him playable.
Mario is a tubby guy, while Mewtwo uses psychic power to float. It's as simple as that.

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I don’t believe there’s a more concrete answer on this, but I’d say it has to do with a depiction of his ability.

Mewtwo is known as possessing immensely powerful psychic abilities. Typically, “psychic abilities” gives a sense of gracefulness and floatiness when you think of levitation and telekinesis (abilities important to Mewtwo). This is shown in Mewtwo’s actions through not only his unusually light weight, but his floatiness and slow movement and fall speed. A light weight also demonstrates that Mewtwo’s physical strength is not what defines it, it is its outstanding psychic power.

In conclusion, I would say it is as he is mostly getting around using his mental, psychic ability, giving the illusion of having low weight. Remember that the SSB series is also often inaccurate to the actual Pokemon series, they can create factual inconsistencies if they deem it will improve play.

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