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This is my current pearl team
Brick Break
I'm not sure help me!!!

Shadow Ball
Focus Blast
Energy Ball

Dynamic Punch(With No Guard)
Stone Edge
Bulk Up

Brick Break
Stone Edge
Double Edge

Close Combat
Brave Bird

Thunder Fang(It will be Wild Charge on Black)
Iron Tail
Magnet rise(I have Soul Silver)

i think that I need to replace golem becuase I have two earth types so I was thinking about having a water type instead
help me choose!!!

fossils maybe



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Concidering that you ignored all of my advice for this team and took swampert's word for word (save the bit you got from J98/LK64 pertaining to Torterra when you asked a question for it) I really don't see why I should.  You've spammed this question 3 times and I've giving you some good suggestions the first time you proposed your team (Including a water type and golom replacement in my original assesment).  Did you forget about that?
Sorry I don't like lanturn
Fine, so you don't like Lanturn.  What about everything else I suggested?
I dint exactly doit word for word I changed it, I said first answer=best answer,i cant use egg moves,i like the no gaurd idea, ilike the rest of the movesets.
im sorry but I just got pearl so im not really used to pokemon on ds.
i don't know how old you r but im only 11 ;-( and I just want a few more points and im being voted down. I did more than one question because I gor rubbish answers :-(

your kinda trolling me cos your voting evrything I do down :-(
I did not vote down this question.  I swear it on my life.  And breaking the rules are not excusable.  I've gotton some non-answers to questions, but sometimes you just need to cope.  Ask someone on chat to look at it or something.
Ok sorry but don't think that I dislike you,i like your team to wear down the foe and your answers
my alakazam has the same moves O_o

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Garchomp = Physical Sweeper
Alakazam = Special Sweeper
Machamp = Physical Sweeper / Maybe tank, but not really
Startaptor = Physical Sweeper
Luxray = Physical Sweeper


If someone takes out alakazam, any physical wall could kill you.
And, its good to have variety.

Now I must say, I love Swampert ( The pokemon, not the user who just answered )
But that would just be throwing more physical into the loop.
A special wall who can take hits and deliver damage would be nice, but slowking wouldn't cut it, because you would have two psychics.

I strongly suggest Milotic.

Aqua Ring / Toxic ( Restore your own health or take your opponents )
Surf ( STAB )
Ice Beam ( Coverage )
Confuse Ray ( Stalling out leftovers, and actually dealing minor damage, while not taking it yourself )

Nature : Modest
EV's 252 Sp ATK 160 Sp DEF 96 HP

So overall...

Milotic (M) @ Leftovers
Trait: Marvel Scale
EVs: 96 HP / 160 SAtk / 252 SDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Surf
- Confuse Ray
- Ice Beam
- Toxic / Aqua Ring

Don't like my set?
Not everyone always agrees.

You can see what floats you boat.
Hope I helped :D

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As I said to HR, two pokemon of the same type but with different roles would make it, and alakazam and Slowking does not have the same weaknesses nor resistances!
Weak to dark bug and ghost.
Also, slowbro is a good bit better, considering he can use calm mind and both of his defenses are insanely beast.
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Guess Who Im Going To Say?
Thats Right, The Best Water Of All Time. Its Cool. Its a FISH. It SHoots Mud. Its NAme-Swampert. One Weakness in Grass. Two Grounds is Ok as long as they have Different Weaknesses. Grass and Ice are Differnet no? Overall Golem Stinks anyway.
Swampert @ Leftovers
252 HP, Defense, 252 Special Defense

Also, Swords Dance for Garchomp and I thought this was In Game so Give Staraptor Double Edge or U-Turn over Fly.

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Why do you write almost any word with capital letter?
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I'll tell you one thing - a Slowking is a must on your team!
With massive Sp. defense and awesome HP plus the ability to deliver hits just as well, you just got to get him on your team!

[email protected]
EVs: 252 HP/200 Sp defense/52 Defense.
Trait - Regenerator
-Calm Mind
-Slack Off

Flamethrower is an awesome coverage, although not a STAB, after a Calm Mind or two it'll deal damage as powerful as an attack can be.

As for your team -, awesome job! great typing, and Slowking fits great in your team.
As for you Garchomp, add swords dance, and for your Staraptor, ditch Fly and Roost for U-Turn and Return.

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No I have an alakazam
You can have 2 pokemon of the same type, only if the roles are different, which in this case, a sweeper isn't a tank.
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I would suggest Kingdra as it has some good stats, a good enough movepool and is very good to use if rain is set up. I suggest this moveset.


Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Outrage/Dragon Pulse, Return.

Hope this helps.

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I would use kingdra cuz its a dragon type too and its only weakness is dragon which is great moveset surf,ice beam,dragon pulse,flash cannon for those ice types or hidden power fire

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i agree with j98 milotic is the best water type in diamond other then palkia, and arceus. milotic has a great movepool can take a bunch of hits

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