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I eman it shoudl be since it is impossible too kill, and it had safety gogglees :/

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banned from what? Also, shedinja could still be killed a lot
Banned from Comepttive. It is impossible to kill, if it has sturdy, ujnless the pkmn has Mold Breaker
It's best for a Sturdy Shedinja to have the Safety Goggles or a Lum berry. You could go to the "balanced Hackmons" format on Showdown to use a Sturdy Shedinja easily. Your skill swaper could be Lugia. Just find a good Pokémon with Sturdy.

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Shedinja can still be killed by Burn, Confusion, Poison, Sandstorm damage, Hail Damage, Destiny Bond, Perish Song, Aftermath Damage, Leech Seed, and Mold Breaker Pokemon.

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Rocky Helmet, Iron Barbs, Photon Geyser, Sunsteel Strike, Moongeist Beam, Spikes, Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes, Poison Point and touch are missing. Destiny Bond and Perish Song aren't guarantee chances to KO Shedinja.
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Skill Swap will always fail if the user or target has Wonder Guard. However, it is still possible to get Sturdy on Shedinja with a pretty complex strategy. Lead with a Pokémon that knows Entrainment and a Pokémon with Sturdy and Mimic, use Entrainment, use Mimic on your Entrainment Pokémon (so that you have a Sturdy Pokémon that knows Entrainment), switch the non-Sturdy Pokémon to Shedinja and use Entrainment on it. This is generally a bad strategy since it gives your opponent two turns to take out your Pokémon and doesn't make Shedinja fully invincible; it can still be KO'd by any indirect damage (status, weather, Leech Seed, etc.) or a Pokémon with Mold Breaker.

I knew Entrainment worked but didn't know Skill Swap didn't :P
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Definitely not. Not only is it difficult and risky to set up, Shedinja is easily killed by status conditions. Since it has 1 HP, any status damage makes it faint in one shot. Shedinja with sturdy is used way less than you’d think. It’s just not reliable.