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Shiny hunting for ghost type Pokemon. For my little sister's birthday she wants A Gengar. But I need help on chooseing the Pokemon for the job. Can my friends help me out?

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Don't faint the shiny Gengar when you find it! :P
got it! with 6 IVs! After 87 chain link!

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Pokemon that can learn False Swipe and Odor Sleuth:


Pokemon that can learn False Swipe and Foresight:

Farfech'd, Sneasel, Weavile, Rowlett, Dartrix, Decidueye, Smergle

I would Recommend Farfech'd or Decidueye/Dartrix.

Decidueye can get Roost to heal, and can finish off some Ghost Types with Spirit Shackle/Leaf Blade. Dartrix isn't weak to Ghost, as well as doing everything Decidueye does so that is to consider. Then again, at level 100, that matters much less.

Farfech'd gets normal STAB, can use Roost for healing, has moves to finish the Pokemon off. Farfech'd is also immune to Ghost moves, so it may take less damage.

Smergle can be used as well, but has quite bad stats. If you do use it, make it's KOing move Pay Day so you can make some money while your at it. :P


I wish you luck in finding your sister a shiny Gengar! It is a very a kind gesture.

Hope I Helped!

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My sister says thanks Mr. stakacool. And i thank you personaly.
i also have a lvl.99 Weavile in sun and moon to use as well so thanks alot.
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Instead of requiring a setup move in Foresight or Odor Sleuth, there are two other Pokemon that might be suitable for you: Pangoro (if you can find one with the hidden ability) gets a Scrappy False Swipe, allowing it to ignore the Ghost-type immunity without the need for Foresight. Also, Mega Pinsir always has the Aerilate ability, which turns False Swipe into Flying-type so that it has no immunities.