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I know I have asked this yesterday but I need big help and these are the pokemon im using for competitive play I need move sets and help as I am struggling I have items and I will use them and if you think there is any pokemon I should change just put a pokemon to replace him in the same type and it would be better to answer if you are good at movesets like some of the editors and people who have been here for quite a while and I need item for porygon-z and if you want to change ANYTHING please say
and can you replace any of the pokemon you want and I need expert help and people who are experianced in movesets

Porygon-z bold item:none
ice beam
thunder wave

Dragonite Serious Item-yache berry
ice beam

Blaziken sassy item charcoal
stone edge
sky uppercut
blaze kick

torterra hardy item-expert belt
energy ball
wood hammer

Raichu jolly item- rocky helmet
grass knott
focus blast
iron tail
volt tackle

should I change any pokemon if you think is should please say and I need last pokemon

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What kind of game is this?
go staraptor or go home.

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Porygon Z-
Tri Attack
Nasty Plot

[email protected] Nature-
Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw/Outrage
Aqua Tail

[email protected]
Blaze Kick/Flare Blitz
Shadow Claw
Brick Break/Brave Bird

Seed Bomb
Stone Edge/Rock Slide
Curse/Rock Polish

Raichu replace with Lanturn-
Modest nature

Aqua Ring
Signal Beam

For your last Pokemon, use a Ghost type, Gengar perhaps
Giga Drain
Dream Eater
Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb

Holding a Big Root.

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Ok heres another one
raichu thunder rain dance iron tail grass knot
you need aggron double edge e quake heavy slam head smash
torterra wood hammer e quake stone edge STAB fire and leaf storm dragonite dragon rush flame thrower thunder an rain dance or d dance ice beam blaziken flare blitz high jump kick brave bird and e quake
porygon z ice beam zap canon recover and psychic STAB fighting types
hope this helps bye :)

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Oh I forgot aggron needs rock head abbility
No offence but they are terrible movesets
Well porygon z sucks and torterras not so good ether
Thats why I said change pokemon if you want at the top read it and see
Cool then change porygon z with ryphirior e quake megahorn
hammer arm and rock wrecker  and torterra is fine then
Im going so hope it helps