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pikachu's thunder, charizard's dair, etc

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Charizard: Down Aerial is capable of Meteor Smashing opponents.
Greninja: Down Aerial, Down Special (down input), and Final Smash finisher are capable of Meteor Smashing opponents.
Ivysaur: Down Aerial is capable of Meteor Smashing opponents.
Jigglypuff: (None)
Mewtwo: Down Aerial is capable of Meteor Smashing opponents.
Pichu: Down Aerial is capable of Meteor Smashing opponents.
Pikachu: Down Aerial and Down Special are capable of Meteor Smashing opponents.
Squirtle: (None)
Incineroar: Up Special and Down Aerial are capable of Meteor Smashing opponents.

Pokéball Pokémon

Arceus: Meteor Smashes opponents in the air
Zoroark: Finisher Meteor Smashes opponents.

Source: SmashWiki

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What page(s) did you get this information on from the SmashWiki? I couldn't find a page that's a list of meteor smashes for SSBU, and I checked each page for each Pokemon fighter and only a few of the mentioned meteor smashes.
I used SSBU fighter pages, and for ones that haven't changed their Meteor Smashes (e.g. Greninja), I used SSB4 fighter pages.
Hey! I know this is 2 years late but you missed a few:
Greninja: The downward angled version of Substitute meteor smashes aerial targets.
The last hit of Greninja's Final Smash, Secret Ninja Attack, is an untechable meteor smash.
Incineroar: Cross Chop meteor smashes as Incineroar falls.

Pokeball Pokemon:
Arceus: Gravity meteor smashes all aerial players except the one who summoned Arceus.
Deoxys: Touching Deoxys as it is about to unleash Hyper Beam results in a meteor smash.
Moltres: Some of the hitboxes on Moltres' body during Fly are meteor smashes intended to connect into the other hits.
Zoroark: The last hit of Fury Swipes is a meteor smash.