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I was on google once and I saw some eeveelutions.
They were named:
Marianeon ( water electric )
Seebeon ( fire electric )
Steameon ( fire water )

The person who put it online made it look like they’re real by saying:

“ And before LGPE were announced,
I wanted to post them as a fake leak lol “

I would put an image if I knew how to. Sorry!

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Yea that’s exactly what I found!

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No, they’re not real. The Pokémon community’s pretty talkative; if four three new eeveelutions were leaked, there would be a lot of fanfare over them. Plus, the quote that you have says they’re a fake leak.

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Thank you soooo much!!!!!
And it’s three, not four. Just wanted to point it out!
Oh huh, don’t know how I miscounted that.