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Like my last question but since ultimate is out I would like to hear some new things. Ik rage is a think but dat nerf doh. Anyways list the pros and cons

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I don’t think there is anything better about pichu than pikachu.
Actually his f-smash and n-special are stronger than pikachu

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Its forward smash kills earlier than Pikachu's. If you want to play competitive, go with Pikachu since Pichu is just not worth the struggle.
- Smaller hit boxes make Pichu kind of hard to hurt in comparison to Pikachu. Not that much of a difference, but it's still there.
- Stronger forward smash. Pichu has a way stronger move than its evolved counterpart, and it can kill at medium-high percents when fully charged, and it benefits with rage.
- Pichu is literally the lightest character in the game so far, and the fact that it damages itself with half of its moveset doesn't do it any favors. Pikachu himself already has a bad time playing defensively, but he's a more effective glass cannon than Pichu is and will likely ever be.

Hope I helped.

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Pichu's side special also has more knockback when it's fully charged
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Here’s what I got:

Pichu takes recoil damage from its moves, even agility and skull bash, while Pikachu doesn’t.

Pichu has a greater launch rate than Pikachu and can easily escape combos, while Pikachu can’t.

Pichu’s up special goes higher than Pikachu’s.

Pikachu is slightly faster than pichu.

Pikachu doesn’t take damage from volt tackle, and that doesn’t make sense.

Both have their alternate forms in their color option, pichu has its spiky eared form, while Pikachu has Pikachu libre, which is a cosplay Pikachu.

Pichu riding the rocket belt makes a happy face, which is an Easter egg, while Pikachu doesn’t.

That’s all I got.