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So far I was thinking Delphox, Venasaur, Scizor, Krookodile, and Sylveon. I really just dont know what kind of Pokemon to add to finish my party. Help???

A water-type would fix the minor weaknesses your team has.
Use Aerodactyl. It shares no types with your other Pokemon, and it's probably the best Pokemon in the game.
But then there's a water weakness on the team (an Ice weakness too).
I went threw X recently (funnily enough, I chose Delphox and Venasaur as well), and would say that Aerodactyl is a phenomenal member of the team, but Sylveon could've been replaced by Huge Power Azumaril, which can be obtained earlier and is more useful for a team. Also, why do you use Scizor, a Pokémon you must trade for, instead of Lucario, which is far more useful and is literally handed to you? :P
I am considering adding aerodactyl but that doesn't help with my water and ice weaknesses, I also picked sylveon because the stats overall are better. Lapras would help my team but I've used lapras in so many other games and I kinda wanted to switch it up a bit. If I need a water type or ice type witch ones besides lapras are good picks?
Venusaur resists water and Delphox resists ice. Also Azumarill resists both water and ice and has better stats if you account for huge power. Also yes Lucario is better than Scizor.
Alright thanks for the help guys I think I've for it figured out!

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I suggest adding Lapras to your team. It gives a Water type, helping out against the minor Fire, Ice, and Water weakness your team has. A free gift one is at Route 12 at level 30.

He's right, without Lapras, you wouldn't be able to cover your Venusaur's weakness to Flying based on type alone.
You don't need to cover every weakness. Using 1 Pokemon to sweep the game is pretty easy.