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It probably... Does. Or it doesn't. Why do you wanna know? You could just... Find this out yourself :P.
I have been trying but I can't tell
This sounds like the "pressing B increases your chance to catch" rumor. In any case, I really don't think so.
@KRLW890 - Where did you hear that rumor? I always think if you press A perfectly after a Poké ball shakes three times, the stars/sparkles will always pop up. Also, if you didn't understand :P, Octazooka is wondering if you can speed up the egg hatching cut-scene by pressing B (and making the egg crack faster) in Ultra Moon. But it looks like you did understand and you "don't think so".
(Sorry for being late to respond) that’s more or less just an infamous rumor within the Pokémon community as a whole (which has been proven false many times). I guess what I was trying to say with my last comment is that this kind of sounds like one of those playground rumors that doesn’t really have any evidence behind it.
Kay. I'm gonna try to answer this next time I have my 3ds.

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There has never been proof that pressing any button while hatching an egg or throwing a Poké Ball has made it hatch faster or increase catch rate, respectively. Button pressing myths have been age old conspiracy theories that just won't die, no matter how badly they are disproved. :P

I can confidently say that pressing any button while an Egg Hatches does nothing. If if did do something, Bulbapedia would have something about it in their breeding article. You cannot hatch an egg any faster than the game renders and times it, and you'll just have to deal with that. :P

TL;DR: No, you can't have the hatch animation go any shorter by pressing buttons. Button pressing myths are false. :P

Source: Experience, and maybe Logic

Hope I helped!

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That's not what a myth is. A myth is a story/theory (etc.) with segnificant importance to history, a culture, a communty (etc.) Some are true and some are false.
The fact that pressing B closes the menu was significant to a community.
Huh? Oh you're talking about the question. I was just debunking your horrible notion that a myth is the opposite of a fact.
I was just arguing that it's still a myth by your definition.
It seemed faster to me but ok.