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I don't think that was official terminology back then actually. Their encounter method was always some sort of event that occurred in-game (i.e. requiring an item obtained through a distribution) as opposed to the Mystery Gift screen, so it's certainly doable by glitching into the location instead. There'd be plenty of YouTube videos covering it.
Shiny locking does exist in Generation 4. Celebi and Arceus are shiny locked in this generation.
Tweaking is possible in Platinum, but there are invisible walls in the void that prevent players from going anywhere. I'm pretty sure all the tutorials on Youtube are done in DP.
@sumwun Arcues being shiny locked is a myth, the only reason people say that is because the Arceus event was never officially distributed, but if you hack in an Azure flute, you can hunt it. Celebi is effectively shiny locked due to the fact that none of its distributions allowed you to encounter it in the wild; in this generation, it was always just handed to the player with a set ID.
The shiny locking system that checks and rerolls to prevent shininess wasn't added until Gen 5.
In that case, isn't Arceus also effectively shiny locked?
Fair. It's more of a technicality than anything else, I guess.

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Because shiny locks weren't introduced until Gen 5, every legendary Pokémon in Platinum can be hunted. Without events (or glitching to event-exclusive areas), this includes Giratina, Azelf, Uxie, Mesprit, Dialga, Palkia, Heatran, Cresselia, the Kanto bird trio (roaming), and Regigigas (requires the other three Regis to be in your party). For the Kanto birds, their shininess is determined as soon as you speak to Prof. Oak in Eterna City, so you'll need to save before then if you're bold enough to hunt a roamer (if you are, this video demonstrates the fastest way to hunt roamers).
If you hack or glitch your game so that you can hunt the event-exclusives in Platinum, you also get access to the Regi trio (requires special event Regigigas), Darkrai, Shaymin, and Arceus.


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If you hack your game, can't you get whatever shiny Pokemon you want?
Yeah, but there are some shiny hunters who hack in the event item so that they can hunt the mythical (it's actually surprisingly common).
if any one knows where i can get an action replay from for a decent price so i can do this shiny thing that would helpful
Try asking on another website. There aren't a lot of action replay people here.