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Do you think I used the wrong word (illegal)? I found something that I want to report. Thanks if you have an answer.

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@sumwun - Not yet... I thought about it though... But then I realized that "support" is not "report". But... Maybe If I ask my question there, I might have a better chance on getting an answer. Also, thanks for caring about my situation!
Try reporting it to Nintendo's report site. It wouldn't surprise me if that's the right place to report something for Pokemon.
@HT - Yeah. I’ll try doing that. EDIT: I sent the report.
Nintendo is very inactive and AFK. So I asked my question on Pokemon.com.

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Report what you found by asking a question on the Pokemon Company's website. Make sure you click general support. Tell them that you're not reporting a site issue. Then very carefully and clearly type your real report (and maybe story). Make sure that you're understandable. Once the Pokemon Company get's your report, they should handle things from there. It seems to have worked for me.

I hope this helps anyone who wanted to know such things. This may be outdated in the future. And if you wanted to know, I tried Nintendo's anti-piracy site. They never responded.

Did the Pokemon Company respond to you? What did they say?
@sumwun He said it worked for him, so I guess yeah
@sumwun - Sorry for the late reply. I've been inactive. Anyway. A support guy responded thanking me for the report and that it was being dealt with immediately and that they were sending it to the proper place for my report to be handled. I should probably see if they said anything else.
Do you have to make an account on it?
Nope. All you have to do is fill some boxes with text (after you get to support) and put your email.