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In asking this because heracross can't really learn any real fighting type moves besides rock smash and we all know that sucks. So even though it does has really good attack does it have a good reason to be on my team witch needs a fighting type
Current team
Quilava- Lvl 25
Golbat- Lvl 22
Onix- Lvl 13
Heracross- Lvl 10

I'd say it's not worth it. Heracross is usually only good at spamming normal attacks, and there are plenty of better normal attack spammers in the game, like Fearow.
Also why are you using Onix when you could use Graveler instead?
I was using onix because in the gba I'm using I can trade with myself to get steelix witch I really like but thanks for the feedback
But Golem is still better than Steelix...
Who told you that like buddy the steel typing is better than the 4 times weaknesses golem got to water and grass types water being a very common type steelix only being 2x weak to it so your wrong  plus I don't need the rock stab honestly.
Typing isn't everything, though. Golem has a much stronger physical attack stat and doesn't have to wait until Victory Road to get a good ground attack.
hitmonlee is more worth it, but you have to get tyrouge out of odd egg and make it meet certain requirements then evolve it
I don't think there are any good fighting Pokemon in GSC. Just get a normal type and use it to spam headbutt.

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I was playing further in the game in realized you can get a Machop early in Crystal for an Abra in goldenrod Mart
And even if other can't trade machoke is still a good fighting type untill you able to get Hitmonlee or hitmonchan I would prefer Lee but in gen 4 onward I would use chan for elemental punches at least they are physical know