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I tried to do the wifi battles and the passerby battles but every time the special Pokemon line is highlighted red saying I do not meet the requirements. Can anyone tell me why?

here is my team and all Pokemon are lv100 and shiny

  1. Lapras/Modest/Hydration/Ice Plate
    Confuse Ray
    Ice Shard
    Ice Beam

  2. Flygon/Jolly/Levitate/Dragon Plate
    Feint Attack
    Dragon Claw
    Dragon Tail

  3. Metagross/Jolly/Light Metal/Steel Plate
    Meteor Mash
    Hammer Arm
    Bullet Punch
    Zen Headbutt

  4. Volcarona/Bold/Swarm/Charcoal
    Bug Buzz
    Quiver Dance
    Fiery Dance

  5. Breloom/Jolly/Technician/Fighting Plate
    Mega Drain
    Mach Punch
    Seed Bomb
    Force Palm

  6. Gardevoir/Modest/Trace/Gardevoite
    Magical Leaf
    Draining Kiss

It took me forever to find shiny's of these and train them to lv100. Lapras and Volcarona are traded from different games and Metagross is special from event.

I am not done with their move sets yet but I want to try this team in battle. Can anyone help?


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Have you tried entering half of your team? Is there a problem with one half of both halfs/halves?
I tried doing all of the battle modes and rules and every time it says the same thing. I tried to do unrestricted rules and still could not enter. I tried switching Lapras and Volcarona out with camperrupt and walerin to see if it just did not like pokemon not from Hoenn and it still did not work.
Hacked mons are banned I beleive. Do you have hacked Mons that ur aware of? Do all the OTs belong to you?
Have you tried entering only one Pokemon? Did it work?
I have not tried entering one by one I'll try that and hope it works or something. And yes they are all my OT except for the ones I traded into the game which are Volcarona and Lapras but I traded them from my own games not other people and I got the Metagross as a Beldum from the Beldum event like 5 years ago or whenever it was I just haven't tried to battle online until recently because I was watching videos from let's go and I thought it looked fun.
Can you try entering one Pokemon and tell us what happens?
Does this count as not answering a clarifying question?
Clearly you were banned for some reason. Try contacting the Pokemon Company/Game Freak/Nintendo.