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I was lucky to finally get a Celebi through GTS on Pokemon Y. I know nothing of Pokemon hacking so would appreciate some help. Heres the info :

Lvl 100
Luxury ball

Natural Cure

Giga Drain
Earth Power

Perfect IVs
Hp: 341
Attack: 212
Defense: 236
Sp.Atk: 299
Sp.Def: 237
Speed: 328

Date met: 8/1/2014
Where: Pokemon Link
Level met: 10
Note: Apparently a fateful encounter

Has pokerus
Only memory is the OT renaming it.

The OT has only played the game for 3 hours and 30 mins. Has made 75 trades.

What do you think? And even if all the info seems legit, can it still be a replica?

It’s probably a hacked Pokémon that’s made to look legit. Or it’s just 100% hacked.

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The Celebi that was originally given out with Pokemon Bank did come in a Luxury Ball with a player-assignable nickname, but it also came with the Classic Ribbon, whose express purpose is to stop the Pokemon from going through GTS or Wonder Trade.

Every Celebi distribution since DP has come with that or a similar ribbon, so searching the GTS for those is useless: anything that was deposited there either had its ribbon removed or never had that ribbon in the first place, a clear sign of hacking either way.