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E.g. Vortorb to Electrode or Electrode just caught

Pichu to Pikachu to Raichu or Pikachu to Raichu

Wingull to Pelipper or Pelipper

Aron to Lairon to Aggron or Lairon to Aggron

Where's trachy to simplify when you need him? :)

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No it won't. It is all based on IVS that will make a Pokemon that is the same better than the other and also EVS. If both EV trained in the same thing, the stats would be different because of their IVS. Hope this helps...

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Probably the one who evolved the most, because it will have the most EVs.

I think you misunderstood my question...
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lf you mean comparing the two side by side, than yes it would really have to depend on
IVs and EVs, but unless they're exactly the same, the evolved form will have higher stats.
When it evolves, the game calculates its stats based on the evolved Pokemons base stats.

Like how a Charmander's base Attack is 52, and when evolved into a Charmeleon, its Attack
stat will be raised because Charmeleon's base Attack is 64, of course assuming that they both
have the exact same IVs and EVs.

Although there are some exceptions, such as Scyther and Scizor, where when evolved,
Scyther's base Attack goes up from 110 to 130, while Scyther's base Speed goes down
from 105 to 65.

l hope this was clear to you?

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If you have caught, for example, a carvanha with 31 DVs everywhere and level it up using rare candies to involve into a sharpedo and then you'd catch a wild sharpedo with 31 DVs everywhere and level them both up using rare candies until they have the same level their stats would be perfectly the same.

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when it comes to stat YES THEY ARE BETTER. but if they evolve with a stone then its moveset sucks so for those you gotta train them like panpour, pikachu, etc. only exception is evee