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I cannot find anything like it online for any price, only 30/82 non holos and 13/82 holos. I think it's rare, how do I find the value???

also just found out that technically it's also a misprint card, where it says its weakness is fighting instead of fire. where the 13/82 holos have the correct weakness.

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Fizz, it still does not show this particular card on that website (i had already tried that website too) when you select the 30/82 version of this card it shows only the prices for the 13/82 that were previously sold.
as far as i know the 13/82 do not have the weakness misprint
It is best to specify these things when you post a thread. Is this the card you're looking for by any chance? If so, it isn't a misprint. https://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/b/b1/DarkVileplumeTeamRocket30.jpg
If not, you should upload an image of it. Truthfully, the best way to gauge an unknown card's value is to test the market yourself. These isn't much we can find that you can't.
Picture please, so I can find it.
Also are you sure it is not Reverse Foil? EIther way you probably won't find someone willing to pay you more than 10-20 dollars for it
it is the card from the picture that fizz posted, it is holographic and not reverse foil, i have been looking and still cannot find any info on the holographic version of this card, only non holos, also on ebays list of misprints it does show this the 30/82 as a misprint because of what i said about its weakness before
Again, it isn't a misprint. The card I linked lists a Fighting weakness.

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I looked on Ebay and turns out the average price is $30-$40 ($40 for mint, $30 for near mint). A used one was sold for $2. (Heaven knows why).