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My team right now is Quilava, Aerodactyl, Glaceon, Scizor and Rhyhorn. I need a usable surfer, which is why I currently have a Tentacool that I'm planning to replace. The water Pokemon/surfer cannot share a type with any of my team members(unless it's Garchomp) as I want variety. I currently have 4 badges and am in Olivine City

And yes, this question is allowed, I checked ;)

Possibly, but remember it could also be a Pokemon that learns surf
If you can trade anything into your SS game, then you should get a Kyogre.
I can trade a level 85 Kyogre to my SS, but that would be broken
In that case, what would be not broken?
Anything that is not a legendary or mythical pokemon
The best non-legendary non-mythical is probably Starmie because it can outspeed and one-shot a lot of stuff with water/psychic/electric/ice coverage.

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Starmie is probably the best because it's fast, good at using surf, and can cover a lot of stuff with strong coverage moves.

He'll pretty much have to settle for only 3 usable combat moves because he'll also need Waterfall, which is garbage on Starmie.
But I agree, if you want a Surf slave that can also throw some punches, Starmie is the way to go.
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I know it shares the flying type with aerodactyl, but gyarados sweeps practically the entire game due to getting dragon dance. my moveset is Dragon dance surf waterfall and ice fang.

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you can trade tms?
Yes. Even if you can't, you can trade a Pokemon to another game, teach all the TMs there, and trade it back.
ok if you can do that, then starmie is better.