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I've had it for about a year, and it just occurred to me to think if it was hacked. Nothing seems off about it; however it's level 100 and shiny, and the guy only wanted a Garbodor for it. if it was hacked, then why not just hack in a Garbodor?

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What is the OT? :P
Any Pokemon could have been hacked.
But yeah I can tell you but gotta know the OT
Moves, OT, etc. You cant just ask us if it is hacked with 0 info
fair enough. but getting more info means sacrificing gaming time to digging out my DS, firing up pokemon sun, finding some information, then writing it down and remembering to post it online. don't worry, I'll do it soon.
Unless the OT is strange, it's pretty much impossible to know whether or not it was hacked.
What are its IVs? If it has 31 IVs in all of its stats, it’s probably hacked.
To be honest, Bug types are the most likely to be hacked. They cause all sorts of problems in the script. :P

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if it has no name, no OT, or if it knows moves it normally cant learn by normal means (IE, move tutor, level up, egg moves, etc.), it is probably hacked. if its stats are higher then what the max stat with benifical natures and such, its defininitly hacked. but to me, hacking is only bad if it gives the person weilding them a clear advantage, hacks that are purly cosmetic (ie shiny hacks) I think are fine, but if its stats are higher then normal, its bad.

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I agree! As long as they aren't bragging that they got the shinies normally, getting shiny-locked pokemon or other unobtainable pokemon (such as eternal floette) and aren;t purposefully spreading viruses using hacked shinies over GTS.