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How can my pikachu learn Volt Tackle?

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Volt Tackle is a awesome move. Can you please help me learn how to do it

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You can also get a Volt Tackle Pichu by breeding a Raichu holding a Light Ball with Ditto. That's how I got mine.

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You can breed two pikachu one must have the light ball and then the resulting pichu will know volt tackle. You can find the item attached to wild/event pikachus but it is only 5% chance on wild.

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For me that's 80%. In my perspective, that is.
you can catch nincada to have more chances to get pikachu with light ball, use false swipe and if it doesn't eat a berry it probably has one but you still take time i take like 2 hours to find one
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In Heartgold and Soulsilver
there is another way to get a Light Ball
Get a Pokemon that know Snatch or Trick
and then when you battle Red you can steal his Pikachu's Light Ball
and hey presto you can get a pichu that know's Volt Tackle

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Never thought of it but i think i might have a go at stealing the light ball of one of the most strongest characters in the game :P
You can't do that, it will have it for the battle, but when you get out the battle you won't have the item anymore.
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You can only get it by breeding 2 pikachus togther with one of them holding a light ball.

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Thank you guys
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Give it a light ball and breed it with another pikachu

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