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For my T-room team I want a rock type

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A huge debate.

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I'd use Rampardos. I'm guessing you're thinking of Power Trick Shuckle. Now then, there are a few problems with that. For one thing, it takes a turn to set up, meaning you're wasting another turn of Trick Room. Shuckle will also be OHKOd by priority. Rampardos meanwhile can possibly survive a priority hit. It also has an excellent ability and has no need to set up for it to start sweeping the foe. Another option would be to use Rhydon or Rhyperior, as they have more bulk to them and they still have low Speed and great Attack.

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Rampardos or Shuckle?
Rampardos- Well, first off, Rampardos' Attack is awesome with a base Attack of 165. However, the rest of its stats, ehhhh, not so much. If Rampardos is lucky enough to survive an Attack, it could easily OHKO a Pokémon.

Shuckle- Uh, hello? 230 in Defense AND Sp. Defense? Easily the most Defensive and Specially Defensive Pokémon. However, it's Attack, Sp. Attack, and Speed are terrible. Could this be used to it's advantage...?

Now, on to Movesets!

Rampardos- It's just average. It's best moves are probably Head Smash and Zen Headbutt. It would probably get it's best moves from TM's (my preferred moves would be Smack Down and Earthquake).

Shuckle- It actually isn't that bad! It's access to Power Trick, Guard Split, and Power Split could make it unstoppable, if it used Power Split and then Power Trick or Power Trick and then Guard Split (It would have terrible Defense! Give the opponent that horrible Defense, and Shuckle can OHKO it. Also, having terrible Speed, using Trick Room before using it would DEFINETLY make it unstoppable.

All together, I would definetly go with Shuckle.

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That Shuckle strategy is terrible. It takes forever to set up, Shuckle would die in the process. Not worth it at all.
Well... Crap. Eventually I'll get it right.
Well, wait. Something uses Trick Room, Shuckle switches in, and uses Power Split on the opponent. Altogether, the opponent doesn't have very good Attack anymore (if at all) and Shuckle gets higher Attack...
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Rampardos totally Shuckle is not that good and Rampardos has huge defense and Attack

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60 def is huge?
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Go with shackle it has the best defs in the entire game and it is REALLY slow so trick room would be amazing with it

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