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after reading the answers I decided on:
Power Gem(coverage)
Signal Beam(coverage)
Focus Blast(coverage)

Ice Beam(coverage)
Tri Attack(STAB)
Trick room(3 bulky pokemon with T-room)

Ice punch(coverage)
Hammer Arm(coverage)

I am open to suggestions and criticism. If you suggest replacing one remember I want a balanced team of 3 physical and 3 special. Thank you

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I know no-one suggested any of these pokemon but all they suggested were pokemon with the same type as that were already on my team(except the second one with Machamp and Conculdur). So I just did my own.
Why Porygon2 and not Porygon-Z?
Overall the team is very good concerning movesets 'n' stuff... Not much to improve.
Because evolite makess porygon2 awesome and he is slower
Eviolite raises his defense powers by a base of 50 more. which actually makes him a pretty good wall!
Evolve porygon2 and either switch him out Lolz or switch out ampharos for a slower pokemon with higher def and attack
Evolite doesnt raise the base def and spdef stats by 50 but will high them up by 50%. Porygon2 has better defenses than Porygon-Z but Porygon-Z is a third faster than Porygon2 and Porygon-Z has 28% better Special Attack.

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Ampharos isn't that effective of a Pokemon. I would suggest adding in Machamp or Conkeldurr to provide some power to your team. I'd also replace Tri-Attack (due to poor type coverage) for Recover to allow for walling.

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There was a reason that I suggested Machamp/Conkedlurr . You team is absolutely brilliant and with trick room , definitely a great match up against any other but you did lack a certain fighting pokemon and these are ones with absolutely destructable Attack and speed as slow as a snail and thus with trick room on ... BAM !!

So I stick to my suggestion of a fighting type but other then that these are pretty much amazing too .

Cheers !! :)