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Got this on Wonder Trade:

Gender: Female
Moves: Endeavor / Detect / Aromatherapy / Soft-Boiled
Level 100
HP: 250
ATK: 104
DEF: 101
SPA: 125
SPD: 121
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Unaware
Characteristic: Proud of its power

I think the lowish stats and Soft-Boiled move are suspicious, but can Clefairy learn that move?

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What game? Does it say anything about where it came from on the ribbons page?
It says it came from Alola

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The stats are all in the range of possible stats for Clefairy, and it can learn Soft-Boiled in Fire Red and Leaf Green. It might be legitimate, but I’d need more information to know for sure.

Edit: Because it came from Alola, it isn’t possible for it to know Aromatherapy and Soft-Boiled at the same time. Aromatherapy is an egg move, which means a Clefairy (from gen 3), won’t be able to bred again with aromatherapy.

It can’t have Unaware as an ability either, so it is most certainly illegitimate.

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